Art History UK Newsletter

Welcome to Art History UK

Art History UK is a boutique cultural tours company, specialising in the history of art and architecture of London. With an excellently qualified art historian as your guide, you will come away with an inspiring depth of understanding about London past and present, and the heroic, humble, strange, sad, and often hilarious stories that this extraordinary city tells.

We create bespoke private tours for corporate clients, clubs and societies, families and friends. We also run a series of regular scheduled tours.

Founded by London expert Rose Balston in 2009, Art History UK combines energy and enthusiasm with exceptional knowledge, and the desire to share it. We pride ourselves on our scholarship and extensive tour guiding experience, exclusive private access, attention to detail, juicy tales, conversation, challenging ideas and a fascinating exploration of the hidden corners of London’s past.

“I would strongly recommend joining a tour put on by Art History UK…in three brief hours, we were inspired to levels of wonder”

Mark Hedges, Editor of Country Life