Valentine Love Shot at Leighton House

Originally published in Flint PR on 6th December, 2013 .

Valentine Love Shot at Leighton House

Last night Art History UK inhabit. Frederic Lord Leighton's wild, opulent house in Holland Park for an AHUK Valentine 'Art Shot' special.

Demand for the tour was so great that Art History UK Director Rose Ralston was obliged to bring in two new tutors, Annabel Howard and Catherine McCormack to cater for over 40 London culturalistas.

The evening started with drinks in the plushest dining room in town, before going on to a private tour of Leighton's astonishingly beautiful house. A piece of an in its own right, the house vibrates with organic decoration, including an indoor fountain, a sensuous Arab Hall, gold gilded ceilings, stunning Damascene tiles and beautiful drawings and pain, by Leighton and his circle. Embodying the Victorian ideals of aesthetics and 'art for art's ...this recently (and meticulously) restored building is an absolute must-see.

After a superbly interesting evening with AHUK, extraordinarily well informed guides we all decanted to a local eatery for a splendid Valentine dinner. The whole evening made for a fantastic and refreshingly different culutral london evening.

Highly recommended. To book and Art History UK tour see

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