The Secrets Within: Signs & Symbols of the Renaissance

Friday 13 October | 6.45pm - 8pm | National Gallery

Renaissance art is studded with layers and layers of symbolic meaning.  A whole pictorial language of signs and symbols revealed instructive political, religious and philosophical messages that were well understood in the 14th – 16th centuries. Peacocks, anchors, snakes, mirrors, water, candles, lions and thousands of other seemingly every-day objects held the key to a deeper level of understanding for the viewer. But today, these messages can be lost and the full joy of “reading” a Renaissance painting is often not realised. Join Art History UK guide Richard Stemp – author of “The Secret Language of the Renaissance: Hidden Symbolism of Italian Art” – on a fascinating journey to unravel and reveal the complex and rewarding mysteries of Renaissance Art. 

A huge thanks from us for helping make last night’s event so special. We are getting such positive feedback from all of the clients – some of the most glowing I’ve ever received. I was really impressed with everything you guys did so please pass on my thanks to your team as well for making it such a success.
AL, London law firm (National Portrait Gallery tour)

My son Charlie and I were taken round the National Gallery by Rose Balston, and in three brief hours, we were inspired to levels of wonder. Rose has the gift of allowing you to discover things in the paintings that you would never have noticed before…I’d strongly recommend you join an Art History UK tour.
MH, Editor of Country Life Magazine (National Gallery)

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